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1: Do we play with robots? Do I play against a computer or against real players?

You play with robots that use not only their artificial intelligence but also hundreds of millions of human decisions made previously by real players. In brain games matters robots have their limits and none is able to replace the finesse of a human decision. For this reason we have adopted the opposite concept: it is the robots that are assisted by humans.
When the software has to make a decision, it searches the database for a human decision that resembles as closely as possible the situation in which it is. Indeed, in thirty years, we have accumulated hundreds of millions of boards in our database. Hence, a faithful player might see an opponent play a card he has played himself many years before. Playing this way is the best one to seriously evaluate your performance as none of your robotic opponents may share information without your knowledge.

2: How robots may, at other tables, with the same board, bid or open lead differently?

The robot takes into account human decisions (see question 1) taken by players who played the board at a position other than South. In a competition you can have two players with the same cards in hands who will bid differently.
This concept, specific to our site, better reflects the reality of the real world, unlike with the sites in which robots always play the same cards... and therefore do not allow to appreciate human diversity.

3: How to review the boards? How to check the counts? I am master and it is the opponent who plays!

In case of doubt you can also check the proof of the score and the progress of the board, bid by bid and trick by trick. Simply click on the results whiteboard.

4: I would like to know the method used by my partner and my opponents. Where can I find an explanation about it?

Have you checked the bid reviews? Simply click on the bid board on the table to understand the bid convention.

5: May I choose the convention?

As our robot takes into account human decisions (see question 1), for consistency we made the choice of standardized game: #cvb.

6: Does the robot always take the best possible decision? Is this site designed to learn how to play?

Our site has no educational purpose. The decisions of the robot are not necessarily the best. In addition, these decisions may be based on human actions, good or bad (see question 1). We suggest that you view the results of other tables to see the good and bad strategies. The best way to improve is to train!

7: Is there a way to replay a board? What if I wish to improve my play period?

It's like a real competition: a card put is a card played.

8: Bidding box and cards are too small. What can I do ?

Try adjusting your display to the right size: using the magnifying mode (on many PCs, combination of Ctrl + or Ctrl -) or Zoom in the menu of your browser. Refresh the page after setting the change.

9: Game is too fast, I do not have time to think. The computer plays for me. Can I slow down the game?

Take your time to play. Use the settings of the comfort options (a white arrow on a red background, in the upper-left corner of the play mat.)

10: How can I see the last trick? where are the won tricks?

Drag your mouse on the back of the trick to view its contents.

11: Dysfunction

When you have a display or technical problem, you may, like on most sites, try to refresh the home page of the site. To do this, on most browsers, just click on the round arrow symbol which is usually located at the top of the page on the line where you see the website address. Otherwise, try deleting the history of your browser, and do not use the bookmark corresponding to a previous version of our site. Delete cookies if necessary.

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